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Contaminated Binangkal

John Iceley Genayas, 12, gets his blood checked at the Carcar City District Hospital after suffering from food poisoning when he ate binangkal made by a neighbor in San Fernando town. Genayas is one of 12 victims of the binangkal made by a woman in Barangay Greenhills, San Fernando who sold it to a buyer yesterday. The rest of the binangkal she shared among neighbors and her grandchildren, 12 of whom suffered stomach pains and headaches 30 minutes after eating the local snack. They were brought to the hospital last night for treatment. All of them have been declared safe. The DOH’s Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit is sending a team to Carcar to study the case and to see if the binangkal really is to blame for the food poisoning. Binangkal (sesame balls) is a deep-fried snack made of flour, oil, sugar and sesame seeds.



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