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“PBMA Member” Jumps Ship

A daughter of Ma. Grethel P. Enas, a member of the PBMA, looks at a picture of her mother who is believed to have jumped off the ship that was taking her home from Dinagat Island to Cebu last night. Grethel and her mother, Rosita Palomar, wear the ring that is the signature of a PBMA member. Her family says she left Cebu last week to seek treatment in Dinagat Island, home of the PBMA, for an affliction that had been bothering her. She said she was “gidautan” (cursed) by people jealous of their flourishing buy-and-sell business. But on her way home onboard a Cokaliong ship last night, a woman who occupied the cot next to Grethel’s said she saw Grethel talking to herself, stabbing her neck with a ballpen and even strangling herself. She said her warnings to Grethel fell on deaf ears. At around 3 am, when the ship was somewhere near Camotes Island, the woman says she saw Grethel climb the ship’s railings like she was getting ready to jump off. When morning came, the ship’s crew tried looking for Grethel on the ship but she was nowhere to be found. Her family continues to wait for word about her whereabouts.



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