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Their Husbands’ & Fathers’ Killer

The families of the two bank guards who were killed in the botched robbery of a money changer in September 2011 tearfully face off with Dionisio Cabatingan alias “Junjun Cabando”, the alleged mastermind of that heist. Cabatingan asked for forgiveness from (left to right) Elma Odag and her daughter Eunice, Lilia Etac, Jasmine Etac and her son. Elma lost her husband Lito Odag. Their daughter Eunice is a champion gymnast. Lilia, meanwhile, lost her son Leofer Etac, Jasmine’s husband. Both guards were the breadwinners in their respective families. Now their wives can hardly make ends meet with the sales from their sari-sari stores. Cabatingan was arrested in Zamboanga del Norte last July 12 after several months in hiding. Although he apologized, Cabatingan denied that he is the mastermind. He said his role in the robbery was only as a driver of one of the getaway motorcycles.



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