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2nd: Carcar’s Kabkaban Festival

Carcar City’s Kabkaban Festival, with its giant musical notes, piano and young conductor, was back to entertain the crowd at the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival of Festivals last night. Carcar still amused the crowd at the CICC but had to slide down to second place among 31 contingents this year from being the grand champion in 2011. The photo above shows that the young conductor from last year’s presentation was back but this time, he head an old friend with him who played the piano. Carcar also placed second in this year’s street dancing competition.

The top 12 in the ritual showdown:                                                  Top 5 in street dancing:

1. Liloan-Rosquillos Festival                                                              1. Bantayan

2. Carcar-Kabkaban Festival                                                              2. Carcar City

3. Madridejos-Isda Festival                                                                3. Talisay City

4. Consolacion-Sarok Festival                                                            4. Minglanilla

5. Bantayan-Palawod Festival                                                            5. Sibonga

6.Talisay-Halad Inasal Festival

7. Moalboal-Kagasangan Festival

8. Naga-Dagitab Festival

9. Minglanilla-Sugat-Kabanhawan Festival

10. Tabuelan-Ani-anihan Festival

11. Toledo-Hinuwalawan Festival

12. Mandaue-Panagtagbo Festival



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